Postgraduate Diploma in Drug Discovery (PDDD)


The Centre for Drug Discovery, Development and Production (CDDDP), University of Ibadan, Nigeria – a MacArthur Centre of Excellence announces the Postgraduate Diploma in Drug Discovery (PDDD). The PDDD is the diploma version on of the Industrial Pharmacy Advanced Training (IPAT) certificate course run by the Kilimanjaro School of Pharmacy (KSP), Tanzania and Pudue University, USA. The programme which serves to cover the West African region and others is run in collaboration with KSP Tanzania, Purdue University, and Howard University, USA. The program gives professionals with a background in pharmacy or related sciences the opportunity to specialise in Drug Development, Industrial and Regulatory Pharmacy. The program consists of 4 two-week contact semesters, taught by experienced teachers from Purdue University and Howard University, USA; KSP Tanzania, University of Ibadan and other international experts. This professional qualification is a unique opportunity for employees in the private sector and in public institutions in Africa to gain expertise in pharmaceutical manufacturing, medicine regulation and drug development in general according to International Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and guidelines.


Some of the courses to be taught include:

  • Fundamentals of Drug Discovery
  • Drug Development, Regulatory and Quality Compliance
  • Drug Manufacturing Processes
  • Regulatory Documents and Generic Drug Approval Submissions.
  • Basics of Clinical Trials and Bioethics in Drug Development.


The Postgraduate Diploma in Drug Development (PDDD) would be a valuable asset in recruitment and promotion within the pharmaceutical industry, health institutions and government. The Programme is designed to enhance the capabilities of current and would-be personnel whose vocation lies in drug manufacture, clinical, regulatory, scientific, informational, pharmacoeconomic, and managerial areas of the pharmaceutical industry, health institutions, government and academia.